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How does Rolfing® work?

An initial series of Rolfing® usually consists of 10 sessions, each lasting 60- 90 minutes and generally spaced 1-2 weeks apart. Under your Rolfer’s skillful eye and touch, each session builds on the results of the previous ones.

As Rolfing® progressively reduces structural restrictions, your body becomes aligned and you move with ease. After completing your basic Rolfing series, periodic tune up sessions can refresh this feeling of integration and remind your body of its most efficient balance. Eventually, you may want to complement your initial Rolfing® experience with Advanced Rolfing® and/or Rolf Movement Integration.

Advanced Rolfing®, performed by a Certified Advanced Rolfer, balances deeper layers of your body’s structure and furthers the level of structural integration in your body. Advanced Rolfers have completed additional training to prepare them for working with deeper structural issues. Practitioners of Rolf Movement Integration (RMI) have additional training in movement studies. Undertaken alone or in conjunction with your Rolfing sessions, RMI improves the efficiency of your movement. It teaches you about body awareness, refines your individualized movement patterns and boosts your performance.