Photo of Dan Campbell

 Dan Campbell
Retired Intel Electrical Engineer, avid bicyclist

“At 39, after a youth of competitive gymnastics and many small injuries, my body hurt almost continually.  I was taking aspirin daily at the full allowable amount – something had to change. So, I began seeing a terrific chiropractor.  For the next 25 years, that was the bargain.  I could manage the pain with weekly trips for treatment, but, I could never be more than a week or two between visits.  Then I was told about Rolfing and Wanda.  On the first appointment, to my surprise, Wanda was not concerned with my pain location.  Her method involved understanding my body’s relationship to gravity.  She then systematically started breaking down the adhesions, scar tissue and facia that held my body in place.  By this method, she moved my body into the posture it required to align properly with gravity.  About a month after Wanda’s treatments began, I realized I wasn’t waking up and taking note of what hurt most. I can now go months between treatments.  For me this was a miracle.”

H. Joseph Dunn, Jr, DC, DABCN, FIAMA
Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Neurology
Fellow International Academy of Medical

“I have received work from several Rolfing therapists in years past, none as masterful as Wanda Silva! Wanda is a potter, re-molding the body. She combines her education, expertise, skill, intellect, and intuition to determine how and which area of the body needs to be remolded. She then works diligently on the tissues to create change. And she does this, incredibly, without creating pain… a talent that not many other Rolfing professionals have mastered. I highly recommend Wanda Silva’s work!”

John Curlin, MDRetired physician, OB-GYN

“I am a retired physician, OB-GYN, who has recently benefited greatly from the services of Wanda Silva. My story includes a journey from the belief that allopathic medicine had the answer to everything to the understanding that alternative therapies can be immensely helpful. My medical past history includes cardiac bypass surgery after a severe heart attack, small stroke, and prostate cancer requiring surgery followed by radiation. Wanda Silva is very professional and knowledgeable in her specialty. I recommend her without reservation.”

Tyler BrownUNF Athlete

“Since I began my sessions with Wanda I have felt much less tension in my back and shoulders, and an increased awareness of how different areas of my body feel.”

Amanda WestbrookBrain Gym (R) Consultant
Educational Consultant, Educational Kinesiology

“Wanda is a very skilled and knowledgeable rolfing therapist. My sessions with her have brought major changes to my body-mind-emotional system. Posture is now upright and open, walking is an easy and fluid movement, and breathing is efficient rather than a chore. Wanda’s use of rolfing enabled me to dredge up and release long buried emotional debris. We are very fortunate to have a person of Wanda’s caliber in our midst.”


“My daughter and I have been going to Wanda for several months for Rolfing sessions. My body feels lighter and is more mobile than before.  I am able to twist my body further than I have in years.  Also, my back does not hurt anymore when I stand on tile. We have seen a big improvement in my daughter’s lower back area that has been plagued with Scoliosis since she was a toddler. Thank you, Wanda, for your hard work and patience with our daughter.”

Jimmy & Courtney Nix

“My wife Courtney and I have been seeing Wanda for a few months now. We feel as we have been “put in touch with ourselves”, both mentally, and physically. Wanda has an amazing ability to learn your body, understand its troubled areas, and get to the root of the problem. It is as if she is able to re-build you, make you understand that this is the way your body should be, and what to do to maintain that state of being. We have both gained tremendously from these sessions. We thank you and will continue to tell people about this wonderful skill.”

Sophonia Rainey

“Wanda Silva’s expertise in the art of Rolfing is amazing. Her knowledge of body work and restructuring comes with care and compassion. During my time with her I was relieved of chronic pain throughout my body and began to know myself from inside. I have never felt so confortable in my own skin. Thank you Wanda!”